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We provide electromechanical components in highest quality manufactured acc. EN9100.


Micro-D Connectors acc. MIL-DTL-83513

Comtronic is manufacturing Micro-D connectors acc. MIL-DTL-83513 since the year 2000. We are focused on custom specific solutions. Even on small quantities. These connectors are well known for their highest Reliability, at high mechanical impact like shock and vibration.

The serie CMK has a huge field of use. Small sizes nd high density contacts makes it possible tro transmit a big amount of signals at less need of space.

Lots of variants of housings, termination possibilities and surfaces allows us to assist our customer during their development.

The series CMD is based on the approved series CMK. Its profile is lower than the CMK and usually mad of plastic.

We provide at the same dimension like CMK the series CMD M1 with metal shell and related Backshell. With its profile of just 4,3 mm we save 30% weight and volume. Our Backshells provide an excelent EMC shielding.

Additionaly we assist you in the development of a tailormade solution for your project. Even in small quantities, talk to us.

CMK Series

  • Rectangular connector
  • 9- to 100 way
  • IP 67 avialable
  • hermetically sealed
  • Individual encoding possible
  • Big variety of housings
  • Pig tails fron AWG22 to AWG 30
  • Current 3 Amp

CMD Series / CMD M1 Series

  • Miniaturization of  Series CMK
  • Profile just 7,4 mm
  • Backshell in the same profile than connector just 7,4 mm
  • Flexible Shielding for individual cable diameters

Custom solutions based on Micro-D

  • 72-way with encodierung in 51-way housing
  • Connectorhousing amde of KOVAR
  • Stainless steel with EMC Shielding, pressure tight and temperature resistand up to 250°C
  • IP 67 with conductive sealing
  • Huge load up to 25.000 g's

Backshell BS Series

  • Standard can be used on all Micro-D connectors
  • 9- to 100- way
  • EMC tight
  • Cable up to 5,5 mm overall diameter
  • Cable entry  straight, 45 ° or 90 ° angled

Backshell BSM Series

  • Low profile for higher density
  • Cable up to 5 mm overall diameter
  • Cable entry  straight, 45 ° or 90 ° angled

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