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Micro-D Backshell

The Micro-D series CMD M1 is the narrow style of MIL-DTL-83513 connectors. Its flange is just 5.3 mm high. With the correspondending Backshell with the same profile of just 5.3 mm you will reach a reduction of space, volume and weight of 30%. Comtronics Backshells has an outstanding EMC tightness.

We are glad to provide a custom specific backshell for your application also in smaller quantities.

Backshell BS Serie

  • Standard for all Micro-D acc. MIL-DTL-83513
  • 9- to 100- position
  • EMC tight
  • Cable diameter up to 5.5 mm overall diameter
  • Cable entry straight, 45 ° or 90 ° angled

Backshell BSM Serie

  • Narrow profile
  • Cable entry up to 5 mm overall diametef
  • Cable entry straight, 45 ° or 90 ° angled

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